☆Whip cream☆

yuka nakajima ★☆★
nail art work

Mermaid nail ☆

It is a combination of the stripe on the ribbon which is a girly.

The feeling is a mermaid princess♡

Sea story.

Friends of the sea shine like a jewel.
The nail which feels being in the sea!


🍍 on We Heart It.

A crocodile pattern.

It is a combination with the yellow in southern country specifications.

It is cool and is gorgeous!

The pink sea.

I spread a colorful shell all.

The jewel of the sea floats shiningly.

catlesssimsの発言:: You. Are. Amazing.

Thank you!
Amazing is really nice praise for me!

A juicy pineapple!

Because it is the atmosphere that the pineapple is cheerful, and is pleasant, I like it.

Spirit will give an orange and the vitamins color of the yellow♪

Tropical fruits nail.

Is colorful with fresh and young fruit; paint ♪

It looks delicious and is pretty!