☆Whip cream☆

yuka nakajima ★☆★
nail art work

Good friend nail

Two people are always same as♪


Spring flower.


Spring flower.

Soft gradation of the cerise.
The flowers are lighted up by the spring light and shine shiningly.

Richard Rutledge for Vogue April 1957

It is ♪ in a bag to boots to high-heeled shoes

The closet of the lady opens in the whole nail.

On the third finger, I took “me to the wonderful place and spelled a message of”.

I take the wonderful shoes to the wonderful place!

Minnie&sherrymei ☆

The nail which goes out to Disneyland♪



Snoopy nail☆

The combination of the beige which is elegant in nudie and a cute character.

LIVE specifications nail★☆

Gen Hoshino revival tour

アアアアア! !!☆

Cable knit and art.

The design that a unique combination is unique.

I stare at you anytime♪